Alamo House: Women Without Men, Men Without Brains

By Sarah Bird

Return to an Austin where the beer was Shiner long necks, the music cosmic cowboy, and Velveeta was still cheese. Meet the residents of Alamo Co-op Boarding House at the University of Texas. They may be at comic odds with each other, but at least they have one thing in common: They all hate the frat rats across the street, the Sigma Upsilon Kappas—aka the Sucks. Alamo House is also the scene of an extraordinary, endearing friendship among three women: Mary Jo, hilariously confused about life and love but determined to get both right; Fayrene, flushed with freedom after her escape from Baptist Waco; and Collie, party girl and self-proclaimed guide to the ways of the world. Together they embark on a roller coaster of escapades that changes them all—and galvanizes Alamo House into an all-out counterattack against the Sucks. The result is infectious, side-splitting fun sure to convince everyone that Mary Jo, Collie, and Fayrene are the best Lone Star combo since Dr. Pepper and queso.

317 pages

Location: Austin
# Fiction

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