Desperate Times: The Summer of 1981

By Maire M. Masco

In 1981 a group of Seattle punks decided to publish a newspaper to support the growing punk music scene. The six issue run personify the glory of early 1980’s punk attitude, humor, and angry sense of destiny. With a DYI ethic and nothing to loose, Desperate Times was the rag to read in Seattle. Desperate Times is important as a time capsule of the period. It is important historically as the first place the term “grunge” appeared to describe a band. The word “grunge” would in coming years become synonymous with the music of Seattle, and it all started with Desperate Times. All six issues have been digitally scanned and reproduced in glorious black and white. Comprehensive indexes for venues, advertisers, and most importantly, BANDS, make this a required reference for any fan of punk and grunge. (What was the name of your band?) Maire M. Masco adds valuable information on the history of Desperate Times and the pre-Nirvana Seattle music scene. Her essays and the prologue by Wilum Pugmyr give the reader a front row seat to the raging summer of 1981.

172 pages

Location: Seattle
# Cultural, Featured

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