By Bruce Serafin

Literary Nonfiction. Memoir. STARDUST is a series of literary essays defining Bruce Serafin’s world. The teenage Serafin is a captivating figure, freshly arrived from the United States and eager to immerse himself in the particular delights of a still largely frontier-era Vancouver. As a young man enrolled at SFU, he refuses the perm pressed upon him in a Chinatown barber shop and eavesdrops on his rowdy neighbors in a Powell Street apartment house. Working in the post office, Serafin discovers Michel Tremblay’s The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant and realizes for the first time that writing about working-class people is not only possible, but desirable. He also discusses the work of Don DeLillo, Terry Glavin, Steve McCaffery, Northrop Frye, and William Henry Drummond. There’s an engagement to these essays that lightly sketches the workings of a mind forever learning.

240 pages

Location: Vancouver
# Cultural

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