The Girls in The Office

By Jack Olsen

A compilation of multiple case histories of single women of various ages who all work for the same company in New York City. He never reveals who the company is, but that isn’t important. What IS important is the lives of these women, how they feel about their lifestyle, how they feel about their work, how they feel about the company, and how they feel about each other! If you ever sensed that the faces we wear in public have little to do with who we really are and how we really feel, this book will solidify that feeling. All of the women are very unique, some you admire, some you pity, some you dislike. But all are fascinating. It’s a flashback to the 1970’s and the early stages of the women’s liberation movement. It will leave you wondering where these women are today and what became of their lives.

447 pages

Location: New York City
# Cultural

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